About the SlobStopper

How it Works

Constructed with two layers of PUL (polyurethane laminate) and a thin absorbent fabric that is permanently laminated to a waterproof barrier.

Buy a SlobStopper

The SlobStopper comes in many colors and a one size fits all application. Let the SlobStopper help protect you during your next commute! The SlobStopper has made life easier for thousands of commuters. Learn more about people that are using the SlobStopper and the great things they had to say! The SlobStopper comes in the following colors:

Traditional, formal, and sure to match any suit. The black SlobStopper is another great seller for obvious reasons. You can’t go wrong with this sleek black color.

The gray SlobStopper is a perfect match-all solution. Very traditional in design, there isn’t much that doesn’t go with the gray SlobStopper.

Our Green SlobStopper will brighten your day. Show off your boldness and love for going-green with this vibrant SlobStopper ready to protect you from stains during your commute.

A vibrant blue color that looks good and brightens your day. Presentable, professional, and certainly colorful. A nice blue color.

Navy Blue
A beautiful navy blue color. Not too bright, fairly dark, very universal. This Navy Blue SlobStopper is one of our best sellers. Great for universal use.

The stain-defending, commute protecting, and stylish SlobStopper is available in blue, navy blue, green, black, gray, and burgundy. Its great for you and makes a great gift too.