What is the SlobStopper made out of?

The SlobStopper is made out of PUL fabric. PUL stands for polyurethane laminate. The exterior is a thin, absorbent polyester knit fabric laminated to polyurethane film interior. Two layers back to back gives you a reversible, double protection product. It is designed not to crack even after multiple washing.
Can my SlobStopper be washed?

Yes. Recommended washing instructions are to wash separately in warm water and dry on a medium to low setting. Do not use bleach and ironing is not recommended. The polyester knit fabric will absorb better after the first washing.
What are the dimensions of the SlobStopper?

The cut dimensions are 40 inches long by 20 inches wide. Through the assembly process approximately ½ inch to 1 inch is lost on the length and width. The SlobStopper is designed to extend onto the lap to catch any food or drink that may spill there.
Where can I find the shipping costs?

The shipping and handling costs can be found on the shopping cart page.
How is my SlobStopper shipped?

SlobStopper is shipped by the USPS with a flat rate system. It is the same shipping cost anywhere in the United States. Included in the processing and handling fee are the costs to warehouse, pack and label your SlobStopper.